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Hi there, I’m Kirst and he’s Jim, residents to be of house number six!

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House number six will be our second home and is located in the southern suburbs of Sydney, Australia a mere 3 minute drive from our first house (can you tell we love where we live). The first we bought not long after we got married in 2006, a duplex up the road from my parents’ house. It was blissful having so much space to ourselves after living in their converted garage but we always knew it wasn’t our forever home.  Having met while working at Hardware House (now known as Bunnings) it was a given that we both had a passion for home improvement, so improve that home we did. We re-finished the floors, painted the walls, ripped out the bathrooms and spruced up the kitchen and laundry. Only to sell it once we stumbled upon a rare as they come 700 square metre block of land down the road from my parents’ house, just on the other side! We’re now back in the converted garage, where we’ll stay until house number six is ready for us to move into.

I’m a primary school teacher librarian, nerd, Disney geek, homebody and the household Minister for Technology. I love to read, research everything and anything and PLAN! Jim is a sales manager, class clown, music lover, social butterfly and the household Minister for Cleaning. He loves music, cars and going with the flow. We certainly prove the theory that opposites attract!

We share our house garage with our two fur babies, Ace and Wizz. Blue point Birman sisters who joined our family in 2005.

ace About Us

They are totally spoiled, love to cause mischief and rule the roost. Everything in house number six must be cat friendly!

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